March for Our Lives

I had the opportunity to cover the March for Our Lives rally in Greenville, South Carolina for the Greenville Journal. I am writing a story and working on a video, and I will update this post with both of those when I get them completed, but for now, enjoy a few of my favorite photos from the event today.


Mar 24, 2018; Greenville, SC, USA; Over 2000 protestors gathered on North Main Street and marched to town hall to hold a demonstration in favor of stricter gun control laws.
About one dozen counter protestors gathered to support less regulation on firearms.
Protestors cited the repeated incidents of mass murders involving children and schools as the motivation for marching.
The march was organized by a resident, currently attending college at Princeton, who wanted to speak out and for students in the area where he attended high school.
Several families brought their children to the protest to encourage them to be active and aware that their voice matters and can impact change in the future.

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